I am a 42-year old woman from Florida who owns a Computer Repair business with my husband of 8 years. We volunteer for an organization that teaches Seniors how to use computers, and we devote about a 100 hours per month to the community in this respect. I do not have time for lavish hair days, hair cuts, spa visits, long lingering baths, I have time to get up, drink my V8 juice, get dressed and leave for work or volunteering. I need a way to maintain my hair that doesn’t take too much time or too much money. I used to color my own hair till I stopped a year ago embracing that fact that at 42 my hair is going gray. I have been told many times that I am “too young” to go gray, but I love it. I was coloring my hair with Henna and while it is amazing beautiful color, it is A LOT of work to maintain and I am quite simply over it. My hair is a dark brown naturally with this awesome patch of gray growing in at my left temple. I am quite proud of it.

I have tried traditional No Poo. It does not work for me. When I used Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother my hair became dry and unmanageable. I tried different mixtures, different solutions, different oils, but nothing seemed to matter.

I have tried Indian Herbs. They work. They work great, but I am a no fuss girl. Mixing, boiling, dissolving. There just isn’t enough time in my day.

I have tried Castille soap, but when I thought Baking Soda was drying. . . I did not know drying until my hair met up with diluted Castille soap.

I have made shampoo which there are recipes on my site for, and they were great, but again, too much time.

There has to be a better way.

A month ago, I went back to commercial shampoo products. WHAT A DISASTER!! My scalp had gotten dry from Baking Soda so I thought I would try some Head and Shoulders. That did nothing to help my problem. My scalp was so scaly and itchy, it was horrible. Then I started to experience Extreme hair fall. I have a fairly thick head of hair, but it was horrible. I caved again looking for a solution to this problem. I bought some of the new Suave shampoo line with Biotin, yeah well that went over like a lead balloon. My hair continued to come out, and I started finding sores in my scalp.

I am going to back to basics. I am going COLD TURKEY Water Only Washing (W.O.W.). I don’t give two hoots about transition periods, I don’t care how long it lasts. I am not putting another commercial product in my hair. No gel, no mousse, no spray, no serum, no Baking Soda, no Castille soap, no shampoo, no conditioner, just water. Straight out of the tap, water.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.39.07 PMI recently came home and cut about 7 inches off my hair to get rid of the damage. I let my bangs/fringe grow out (it took me almost a year) but this is me now.

I refuse to go back to commercial products. I am going to get on this water only washing train and not look back.

I washed my hair using the W.O.W. method in this picture yesterday.

I will be posting here by date about how things are going. I am not going to sugar coat it. If you are looking for someone to make this sound all glamorous and easy, this is not the site for you. NoMorePoo.com is just that.

March 9 2016

Washed with Water Only. No Baking Soda, no Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, no commercial products. Just water. The photo above is from March 10, 2016.

March 12, 2016

Have not washed or rinsed since the 9th. My scalp is doing much better, but my hair is feeling oily at the roots. I am holding off to rinse till tomorrow since it’s the weekend and I have no big plans. I have noticed my scalp seems to be doing much better. No sores. When combing my hair, I am noticing much less hair fall. My hair feels like hair and not like straw which is great. I did do a scalp massage today using Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary Essential Oils. Makes my scalp feel a bit tingly which is nice and very relaxing. I used one drop of each as any one of them is very strong if you use too much. I have been reading that this combination is good for your scalp health, hair strength and growth rate.

March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s day.  W.O.W. seems to be working ok so far. My hair is going through a bit of a rough spot, but it will get better. Right now it cannot decide if it wants to be wavy or straight. That is a little frustrating. My hair has been feeling a bit heavy, it’s not really oily or greasy, but heavy. I think it’s what hair is supposed to feel like. That sounds dumb as I write it, but it’s the only way I can describe it. My head of hair is feeling full which I really like, lots of volume so far. The hair fall is getting less and less each day which is definitely a good thing.

March 27, 2016

Today you will hear all about the ugly. It was bad. I had not Water Only washed for about 5 days. I got home tonight and decided it was a good idea to start the week off with a clean head. So I came home from Easter with the family (which was wonderful by the way) and washed. My husband has not used shampoo in years so I turned to him when I noticed my hair has seemed to get sticky. It has been happening bit by bit over the last week or so. When he felt my hair, he said his had never felt sticky like this. He asked me what I had been putting in my hair and I explained I had used NOTHING but water in my hair for almost a month. No coconut oil, no Argan oil, no nothing in my hair. Then he pointed out that I put Lavender oil on my pillow every night. I use it to help me sleep so I don’t have to take Tylenol PM’s or anything. I never thought about it, but he suggested that the scent will disappear, but the oil won’t and I put the oil on my pillow every night and then sleep on it. He also suggested that it is possible that my pillow is so saturated with oil, that sleeping on it every night, my hair is absorbing the oil causing it to become sticky. (PS I hate when he is so smart, but I love him dearly 😍).

I had to do something because it was so gross. The only thing I can try to explain it as would be if you put gooey candle wax in your hair and then let it dry. I decided to use a diluted shampoo mixture, so not to reverse the weeks of Water Only Washing I have been doing. I mixed 1 tablespoon of Dr. Bronner’s with 3 tablespoons of water and washed that gunk out of my hair. It was the most horrible feeling ever. My hair does feel much better. We have decided that I am not going to put the lavender oil on my pillow anymore. I will put the oil on my comforter instead. I hope my husband is right, and I hope this stops the problem. I will go back to Water Only Washing with my next wash and pick up where I left off.