French Manicures

have always baffled me. The way you go into a salon and they free hand that white line. Beyond my capabilities for sure.

I learned a little trick a few years ago that I thought I would share. It’s that time of year when I love a natural looking manicure. But those darn lines!!! Actually it’s very easy.

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Zoya Nail Polish

is the latest products to test. I love that their products have fewer chemicals than most nail polishes. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

I have been pleased so far with my Zoya polishes. The Naked Manicure kit is great. I love the way it looks. They do make the instructions seem super simple, but in reality it does take a bit of work. The kit comes with a base coat, a color (to match your nail bed or to fix problems to make nails appear healthy), white for the tips and a top coat.

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No Poo Journal – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

I am a 42-year old woman from Florida who owns a Computer Repair business with my husband of 8 years. We volunteer for an organization that teaches Seniors how to use computers, and we devote about a 100 hours per month to the community in this respect. I do not have time for lavish hair days, hair cuts, spa visits, long lingering baths, I have time to get up, drink my V8 juice, get dressed and leave for work or volunteering. I need a way to maintain my hair that doesn’t take too much time or too much money. I used to color my own hair till I stopped a year ago embracing that fact that at 42 my hair is going gray. I have been told many times that I am “too young” to go gray, but I love it. I was coloring my hair with Henna and while it is amazing beautiful color, it is A LOT of work to maintain and I am quite simply over it. My hair is a dark brown naturally with this awesome patch of gray growing in at my left temple. I am quite proud of it.

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