No More Poo

is a website that I have created to help others who want to find alternative ways to care for themselves the way I have. I have always been a commercial product girl, but the last two years, I have learned to view the way I care about myself differently.

I have tried the traditional “No Poo” method, I have colored with Henna, I have bathed with Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, and I moisturized with coconut oil. This website is not here to sugar coat how these products work, or how they will change your life. This site is here to let you know I tried it, this is what was involved and this is how it turned out FOR ME. You are welcome to try these things for yourself. Just because they do or do not work for me, doesn’t mean they will or will not work for you.

The research and trials I have been through, even though not always successful, have taught me how to take better care of myself, and to venture to educate myself more on what I use on my body. I am not a doctor, not even close. Just someone who wants to be as natural as I can. Nature has given us so many marvelous things, why not use them instead of bio-engineered chemicals we can’t pronounce. Really how can things we use in and on our cars be good for our bodies??? Anything you read on this site should NOT be considered medical advice. You should always consult a doctor before changing routines, trying new products (especially if you have allergies) and before taking any advice from a non medical professional.

This journey is all about being better to yourself, your body and the environment. It’s about saving time, and money while still feeling good about yourself.

I encourage you to find natural healthy ways to care for yourself. I encourage you to share those ideas with others, and I would be honored if you choose to do that here on my site.